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Columbia Glacier 


“The Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago and modern humans have existed for about 315,000 years. According to a study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), more than a third of Earth’s natural resources have been destroyed by humans in just thirty years.”

“Over the last few decades, the rise of global temperature of 1 degree
was recorded, which significantly disturb the climate and natural
systems. Global warming affects all complex systems and slowly
reduce the livability of Earth.” 


“Today, 99 per cent of the stuff we harvest, mine, process, transport is trashed within 6 months.”

“​on average, almost 40 tons of waste are produced for each ton of products made“

“Typical U.S. female spends more than

25,184 hours shopping for household
essentials during her lifetime, which is equivalent to 24 hours per day
for nearly three years”


“see beyond symptoms of problems to address their underlying causes” 


“Now, our problem is that we have too much”

"By understanding more about the very nature of human need, we can begin to manipulate and gain control over it. Only then can we set out to create design solutions to better meet today's intensifying levels of consumption.”   

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