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How do you connect with stakeholders and the site during a pandemic? This was the question I have been thinking about during the spring term of 2020.  I have been experimenting with different methods of collecting information about the chosen site and its users without confronting them physically. The site is called "Lion stairs" and is situated in the middle of Gothenburg, Sweden. I ended up using a web camera broadcasting a site and thus become an invisible observer. Who is being observed then? 


Moreover, in the current society, people contribute to surveillance to a great extent. It is easy to get to know more about the site and the stakeholders only with a few clicks on the internet. 

From conducted online observations, it was obvious that the corners of an area are being used improperly. The concept proposes to add a seating element into the corner which disrupt unwanted habits, redefines the purpose of the corner and invites people to use the space. (1).gif
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