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RUM 91



Project RUM 91 contemplates non-functioning systems which support extensive waste production and tries to understand and explore the core of the problem, consumption. The answer lies not only in the modification of consumer behaviour but most importantly within system changes on a political level. As a result of that and due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I  agreed to take my current student housing complex in Gothenburg as a research base to observe relationships people have with my possessions concerning consumption patterns.

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The thesis works with the research question “How to design conversations around consumption and ownership in a student community?” and points at relations causing the waste production and explore it on a personal level from the perspective of a designer, student, consumer, and environmentalist. Designers need to find new ways how to (re)design the systems we live in. By reflecting on everyday activities and products we surround ourselves with, we can begin to understand our consumption patterns and gain control over it.